Friday, November 18, 2011

All Cut & Interfaced

I have developed the lofty goal of sewing two pairs of jeans at the same time.  I cut out each pair, including the pockets, and interfaced the waistband and zipper areas.  The first pair is cut out of stretch denim, while the second pair is cut out of non-stretch denim.  I added an extra 0.5-inches to the seam allowance of the second pair for fit.  I've been dropping some pounds, so hopefully this will be enough!

How is everyone else doing?


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  1. I've washed the denim and the pocket bag fabric several times, the Jalie pattern came in the mail, but I still need to trace my pattern size. I've decided to re-arrange my sewing area (I bought a new (old) sewing machine so my start will be delayed a bit.