Monday, November 7, 2011

Getting Ready!

Wow! I am super glad to see so many people signing for the sew along. I anticipate seeing some great creations and excited to get started. =)

Becca a, you get the prize for most jeans sewn and most patterns used! I'm stuck on J2908 partly because I spent so much time fitting it and it works for me. There are a couple of issues that need addressing, but they fit better than most RTW and I'm satisfied. If it works, don't fix it. =)

My goal is to try to knock out two pair during the sew along: one stretch and one non-stretch. I'm hoping to include these in my 2012 SWAP plan for the Stitcher's Guild contest. I've not sewn non-stretch jeans, so this will be interesting. In the meantime, I am preparing my fabric by washing and drying the denim three times and getting all my supplies together.

The most challenging thing for me in sewing jeans is designing the pockets! I guess I better start drawing and thinking of something soon!


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  1. This is starting to get you have a particular weight of denim that you like to sew with? I noticed when I was shopping online for stretch denim that there were different weights and I'm not sure what that means. Also, I'm pretty sure I understand what you mean when you say 'design the pockets', but could you elaborate on that a little?