Sunday, November 13, 2011

Online Denim Sources

I thought I'd post about sources I use for fabric. I have gotten denim from a number of online sources since I live in the middle of the woods with no fabric stores less than an hour away and no worthwhile denim at those stores. I am not in any way connected to any of these stores. Here is my list in alphabetical order:

Emma One Sock has fantastic denim on occasion. I have gotten several pieces from Linda that are now jeans that I love. You have to keep checking as her stock changes daily. She even has wool, silk, and linen blend denims on occasion. It is, of course, important to make sure that the weight is substantial enough for jeans (around 11 oz or medium-heavy weight). Her fabrics are pricey. gets big loads of denims of all different weights. The first denim I bought was from them--the stretch denim that Jalie used to test their jeans pattern. I have bought fantastic denims from them and terrible denims, including some that were labeled as stretch but turned out not be be stretch. Even within what appear to be lots of denim that post all at once the weight and quality can vary considerably. Their prices are very good between sales, coupons and free shipping.

FabricMart Fabrics sometimes has great denims at great prices.

Gorgeous Fabrics also has fantastic denim on occasion. I have also gotten several pieces from Anne. Her stock varies, so you have to check often. Anne is very helpful with advice about her fabrics. Her fabrics are pricey.

Lura's Fabric Shop has a variety of stretch and nonstretch denims at good prices. They give very precise information about weight and fabric content.

If I have left out your favorite sources for denim please add them in to my list.


  1. I've only bought denim online from and agree 100% with BeccaA. The prices are good, but the quality and stretch factor is hit or miss. I've received denim that was claimed to have 1% lycra and stretched something awful. I find it best to order a swatch first before committing to a large order. If I see some denim that interests me, I'll order several swatches and then wait for the sale.

  2. Now I'm *nervously* awaiting my order from!

  3. A box of blue cardboard arrived today :-) along with my Jalie jeans pattern (my first Jalie ever). It's nowhere near 20% stretch, but I think I can work with it. One wash and dry down, two more to go! With any luck, I'll have DD's pattern traced off by the time that's finished.

  4. @Celeste: Originally, I made a comment here about denim stretch, but I removed it because I realized an error in my calculations. The 1/4" stretch requirement is my personal choice and not Jalie's. In fact, I like my denim to have much less stretch than that which is recommended by the pattern. Jalie suggests fabric have 20% stretch, which means that 5 inches of denim would stretch one inch. If four inches of denim stretched one inch, then the fabric would have 25% stretch. I like my denim to have just a little give, less than 10% stretch. Sorry for the confusion!