Sunday, November 27, 2011

Slowly but surely...

After having company for the last three days, I have finally gotten around to tracing and cutting out Jalie 2908, my first Jalie pattern ever..  I'm starting out with a pair for my daughter, who has a 22 1/2 inch hip measurement (Size 3/G) and a 21 1/2 inseam (Size 6/J).  I was initially thrown by the look of the front and back pattern pieces after I had traced them - they looked too long (if that is possible for my skinny little stringbean daughter).  But then I read the directions and saw that it included the seam and hem allowances.  Because of the nested pattern pieces, I had assumed that Jalie, like the Burda WOF ones I have used before, required you to add the SA's and hem allowances to the pattern pieces. Fortunately, that was not the case.

I have some beige stretch denim left over from a previous wadder project that I'm using to test the waters.  I think I'm going to put a very basic topstitching design on the back pockets of this first pair, but I'm going to find a small-ish .PES-format embroidery design online for the pockets of the blue denim ones.  She likes the idea of embroidering the front of the pant leg(s) shown on the envelope photo, too, but she's awfully picky (for a six year old!), so this could take awhile.


  1. I think starting with kids' jeans is a great way to go---less pessure! I'm curious to hear how the smaller sizes fit---I was surprised at how snug the first pair I made my daughter (which was a size K)was---it fit like the adult pants on the pattern photo, not like the roomy kids' version shown.

  2. My daughter rarely wears anything that fits snugly...unless it's five or six inches too short. I'll let you know how it goes!

  3. My daughter has finally grown into the smallest Jalie size, so I'm looking forward to seeing how they come together for you. RTW jeans don't fit her well, but I've had very good look with Jalie so far.