Thursday, December 15, 2011

Carry on!

Wow, it's been two weeks since I last posted here and nearly the same amount of time since I last posted on my blog. My absence was due to quite a full schedule with the end of school, doctor's appointments, ongoing family drama, and other things.  I've also been moderately ill - not so much that I can't function.  I get tired very quickly.  As for sewing, except for the buttonhole, I am finished with my sixth pair of jeans.  Hopefully I can get some pictures this weekend. 

I want to thank all that participated in the sew along and welcome you to continue posting about making those fabulous jeans.  Feel free to use the site and update regularly.  While I will not be sewing jeans for a few weeks, I will certainly follow along.

Again, many thanks to you all.  Happy sewing!


Thursday, December 1, 2011

I *Am* Sewing. Really, I am.

How lame is it to host a sew along and not post to blog of said sew along?  I encountered some non-sewing-related speed bumps and am in the process of recovering.  Although I have been working on my jeans and nothing else, that work did not come without dedicated use of my seam ripper.  I had problems with the zipper area on both pairs of jeans and had to unpick countless miles (okay...feet...maybe inches) of topstitching.  Plus, on one pair, the fabric is just way too stretchy for my taste.  The zipper area pulls open so much so that I hand sewed snaps to keep it close.  Not.  Cute.  I will finish these and just wear a long shirt to cover it up.  Hopefully, I'll finish this weekend.  We shall see.